Crypto Card - ZoidPay Card

Contactless & Smart Chip
NFC pairing with ZoidPay Wallet
Peer-to-Peer card transactions

Wallet - ZoidPay

Any NFC device becomes a POS
Multi Cryptocurrency Wallet
Request Crypto from other users

Marketplace - ZoidShop

Buy Products and Services
Crypto Merchants Aggregator
DApp Marketplace

ZoidPay Solution

Paying with cryptocurrency as easy as you do with FIAT

Full-service payment platform with the first crypto contactless card.

It’s a plug and play crypto payment solution that offers complete access to the whole Zoid Ecosystem.

Simplifying the process

Our full crypto service payment platform, ZoidPay, will allow our users to store their cryptocurrencies in our wallet, buy goods and services from our decentralized marketplace, as well as perform peer to peer transactions with the ZoidPay card.

Payment solution independent of middlemen

The traditional process of transaction settlement involves a lot of middlemen that increase the costs for every transaction. Our payment platform connects buyers and sellers directly, thus removing the extra costs for merchants.

Blockchain Accounting

We have partnered up with Gilded Finance, a New York-based start-up that offers Blockchain Accounting services for merchants to make recording of crypto transactions as easy as the traditional accounting records.

ZoidPay Wallet

Send Crypto

Transfer cryptocurrencies by selecting the token, inputting the receiver's wallet address and the amount to be sent.

Access ZoidShop

Access our decentralized marketplace to buy goods and services using ETH or ZPAY. *More tokens will be added in the future.

Request Crypto

The transfer will be done with one tap of the ZoidPay card. After that, the receiver will select the token, input the amount and confirm the request. After the sender accepts, the transaction is complete.

ZoidPay Card


Taking the already-known habit of people paying with contactless cards everyday and implementing it for crypto payments - combining the convenience of traditional technology with the benefits of blockchain.


No entity owns the card and no name, nor credentials are printed on the card, which makes them distributable worldwide, and an ideal solution for the unbanked.

Peer-To-Peer Transfers

One tap to perform cryptocurrency transfers in a peer-to-peer card transaction.



Instantly buy top-brand goods and services with cryptocurrencies.


Peer to peer transactions, without middlemen fees.

Seamless Experience

A seamless shopping experience on a blockchain-based marketplace.

Scalable Marketplace

ZoidShop will become a global crypto-merchants aggregator.

Token Metrics


700,000,000 ZPAY Total Supply

Token Sale Supply

290,000,000 ZPAY

Bonus Supply

128,000,000 ZPAY

Company Reserve

282,000,000 ZPAY

Token Sale Rounds


30,000,000 ZPAY

100% BONUS

23/12/2019 - 10/02/2020


50,000,000 ZPAY


11/02/2020 - 10/04/2020


70,000,000 ZPAY


11/04/2020 - 21/05/2020


140,000,000 ZPAY


22/05/2020 - 04/07/2020



20% Campaign & Marketing
25% Scaling & Development
25% Offline Rewards
20% ZoidPay Team & Founders
10% Operational Expenses


$ 2,100,000


$ 23,200,000


Blockchain Partners

We've partnered with Origin Protocol, Gilded Finance and CryptoCoin.Pro to deliver third party integrations that ease the way to adoption for our users

Legal & Audit

We are fully compliant on the legal, audit and accounting sides alike. Our solutions are fit for the current business environment thanks to the services provided by:

Audit Services provided by

Legal Services provided by


Merchant Current Features

Easy to setup

The whole registration process for both merchants and users takes less than 2 minutes.

Onboard and accept payments

After the registration process, merchants can go on ZoidShop and start listing and selling their goods for cryptocurrencies.

Smartphone as a POS

Accept crypto payments at a physical store with any NFC enabled device through the ZoidPay app. One tap.

Merchant Upcoming Features

Settlement in FIAT

Proprietary solution that does not involve middlemen like VISA and Mastercard. Users will be able to pay with cryptocurrencies, while the merchants will receive FIAT.

Accounting module

Blockchain accounting for cryptocurrency transactions.

Analytics dashboard

Dashboard with data and metrics on audience, sales, profitability, accounting and more.

Stable coins

The merchant will be able to convert cryptocurrencies to stable coins.


User Current Features

Store ETH and ERC-20 Tokens

Users can store their ETH and ERC-20 tokens in our wallet.

Contactless card with smart-chip

Users have access to the crypto card to make P2P transfers or buy goods and services from merchants with the tap of a card.

Purchase products and services

A seamless shopping experience on a blockchain-based marketplace.

P2P card transactions

Hassle-free peer to peer card transactions between users, without any middlemen fees.

User Upcoming Features

BTC, Lightning Network and other Cryptocurrencies

We will add support for BTC and other major cryptocurrencies. To further boost adoption we will also integrate Lightning Network in our app.

Buy crypto with debit and credit cards

Users will be able to buy cryptocurrencies directly through their bank account through the ZoidPay app.

Crypto to FIAT exchange

Convert your cryptocurrencies to FIAT and withdraw the funds to your bank account.

Pay GAS with ZPAY tokens

Users will have the option to choose from whether they will pay the network GAS fees with ZPAY or Ethereum.


Apply to get cryptocurrency loans directly from our app.

Upcoming Developments

More than 10,000 Crypto Merchants to be added in the ZoidShop.
Crypto-to-FIAT Settlement System
Third-Party Integrations
Reward-Based Advertising Engine
Feedback-Centric Communication Model
ATM Withdrawals

Our Q1 Development Roadmap

Q1 2020
Buy crypto with debit card or through bank transfer

Our users will be able to buy cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum directly from the ZoidPay app using their debit card or through a bank transfer.

Q1 2020
Sell crypto and withdraw FIAT to your bank account

Our users will be able to sell their crypto assets and withdraw FIAT directly to their bank account, all done from the ZoidPay app.

Q1 2020
Crypto-to-FIAT and FIAT-to-Crypto Settlements

Merchants will be able to accept cryptocurrency payments online, as well as offline and will have the option to receive crypto, stable coins or FIAT, depending on their needs.

Q1 2020
Bitcoin, Lightning Network and other major cryptocurrencies

In our upcoming updates, we will add support for Bitcoin, Lightning Network, Litecoin as well as other major cryptocurrencies.

Q1 2020
Crypto Loans

Users will be able to get instant crypto loans from the ZoidPay app through multiple third-party integrations.

Q1 2020

Our premium users will be eligible for insurance, such as airport lounge pass and travel insurance, as well as being able to acquire other insurance products from third party integrations.

ZoidPay Around The World

ZoidPay is a functional product and we're delivering worldwide. Take a look at pics from our users.

Meet The ZoidPay Team


Vasile Burcin

Co-Founder & CEO

Loucas Markides

Global Director

Eduard Oneci

Co-Founder/Head of Blockchain & Strategy

Andrei Popa


Vlad Burcin

Growth Manager

Stefan Balut

Lead Technical Support

Mircea Muscalu

Lead Software Engineer

Andrei Badea

Lead Front End Developer

Stefan Dragomir

Head of Design

Catalin Vasile

Lead Customer Support

Iulian Gavrilov

Software Engineer

Tiberiu Jakab

Lead Copywriter

Jesus Vargas

Community Manager

Bogdan Bruma

Sales & Business Development Manager
ZoidPay Advisors

Our Advisors


Mario Vasilescu

CEO/Co-Founder at Readefined

Vassilis Nikolopoulos

Entrepreneur | Researcher | Innovator

Iulian Ghisoiu

Founder & CEO at Target Web SEO Agency

Mihai Herman

Founder & CEO at Herman Media

Sergiu Draganus

Co-Founder CryptoCoin.Pro

Cristi Badescu

Editor in Chief of Piata Magazine.

Billys Tzampos

Bitcoin Club Community Greece

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